2020 International Conference on Modern Education and Information Management (ICMEIM 2020)
Welcome A.Prof HuiWen Huang to be the committee of ICMEIM 2020!


Hui-Wen Huang.jpg

A. Prof Hui-Wen Huang

Fujian University of Technology 

Research Area: Technology-enhanced language learning, online learning, EFL teaching, 

technology-based language assessment

Brief introduction:

Hui-Wen Huang, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Fujian University of Technology, China. Her current research interests include EFL learning, technology-enhanced language learning, mobile learning, online education, intercultural language learning, and technology-assisted assessment in education. Her academic articles on these topics have published in the top scholarly journals, such as Computers & Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, Educational Technology and Society, and ELT Journal. She has published more than 20 peer-reviewed international conference papers since 2005. As of June 2020, she was invited to give an academic speech (speech title: The course design of flipped online courses and peer instruction) in ICEBT 2020 and has served as a technical committee member in several international conferences, such as IC4E 2020, ICEBT 2020, and ICDEL 2020.